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Elizabeth is very grateful to those who take the time to give testimonials and feedback about their experiences whether on her Readings, Book, CD's or Events.

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Hi Elizabeth Joy!! ...I just want to thank you so much for being able to see you again today & for what you shared with me!!...I truly appreciate your gift of insight & want to let you know how much your gift is such a blessing. Thank You!
Deborah :) Sothport, Qld.

As you know Elizabeth I was a little sceptical when I came to you for a reading having had readings before that didn't make a lot of sense. But the way you explained things made it easy for me to understand. And I am happy to tell you that some of what you told me has already actually happened. Thanks.
John Day - Helensvale, Gold Coast

Elizabeth Joy, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful and so accurate reading you gave me at Currumbin today. Thank you for your insights and empathy. Namaste, Love and Light
Steve - Qld

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading that you gave me while I was on the Gold Coast on holidays.
Michelle - Darwin, Northern Territory

Dear Elizabeth, this is to thank you for your reading you did on me some time ago at the Nerang Spiritual Church. Much appreciated. Blessings,
Jude - Nerang, Queensland

Elizabeth, after having my reading with you I came away feeling a lot lighter and clearer about the decisions I had to make. Thank you for your help, compassion and understanding.
Tania - New Zealand

Dear Elizabeth, I had a Reading with you earlier this year as I was wanting clarity and direction in my life. I had a sense of some changes. You put into words the opportunities and challenges that were around me at the time. Elizabeth you gave me confirmation and confidence that left me feeling content and excited. The Reading with you gave me a deeper understanding of every aspect in my life. Thank you Elizabeth. I'll be back again!
Tracey Stranger- Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Elizabeth, thank you for the lovely reading you gave me yesterday. I'm wanting to do more with my readings and also to do readings on animals and you gave me ideas and courage to try to branch out more.You were right about my sisters health as well. Thank you once again for your time, guidance and wisdom.
Love and light
Janette - Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast


Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for the wonderful spiritual coaching session yesterday. It was quite liberating. I feel more ready to let go of beliefs that were holding me back. And to work with my whole self to achieve what I want.
Thank you again.
Anna Lee - Sunshine Coast, Qld

Elizabeth thank you so much for the enlightening coaching session last week. it was beautiful and just what I needed. l do feel more empowered and just happier within myself. Many Thanks.
Nancey - Coomera, Qld


Elizabeth, your book Heart Reconnection Soul Remembrance is an absolute inspiration. A light bulb moment on every page..
Sandra – Merrimac, Qld.

Elizabeth, after reading your poem Ascending the Heart, I gained the most profound feeling of peace. Having lost several loved ones, very early in my life, including my Mother, I have always felt alone, and often lost, but I now realize that they are always with me because I remember them, so they will always exist. Thank you Elizabeth for giving me this sense of closeness that I never had with my lost loved ones, because they aren't lost, they are right here in my heart and in my mind.
Judy – Burleigh, Aust.

Elizabeth, your book has inspired me in so many ways, it always opens to the page I need at that moment. I will be eternally grateful for all I have learnt from you on this incredible journey I find myself on. With love and light.
Robyn Taylor - Ashmore Heights, Gold Coast

Heart Reconnection Soul Remembrance is a beautiful book that has helped me to understand that although my daughter was taken from me she will always be in my heart and soul. Because of this book I believe there is more to life and death and that we can come out of the darkness and the helplessness we feel with the loss of a loved one.
Jo – Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Aust.

Coming from a near death experience I was given this book to find some meaning from why and what had happened. Heart Reconnection Soul Remembrance is truly a life inspiring book used regularly to brighten the darkest of days. A must for anyone seeking true meaning from their life.
Leo – Southport, Queensland.

Dear Elizabeth, as I was unable to attend the overseas funeral of my favourite Aunt the poem Ascending the Heart, from your book was read on my behalf at the funeral service. Everyone found the poem particularly moving and a great source of comfort at this sad time.
Jenny - Robina Waters, Queensland, Aust.


I have experienced and enjoyed meditations with Elizabeth and she is awesome at taking us into a beautiful state of meditation. God Bless you for the work you do, you help so many. Much love to you. xxx
Karen Young - Burleigh, Queensland

Hi Elizabeth, I tried your meditation CD 2 and I was really surprised by the meditation and how easy it was for me to just sit and relax and focus on the cd for the time I did. More often than not it's hard to get me to sit still with stuff like that. I believe I sat still for over a half an hour just repeating the affirmations and breathing deeply and the next day I woke and felt just happy and joyful. More than that I felt calm so again, thank you. I really enjoyedI really it.
Kerri - Southport, Gold Coast

Dear Elizabeth, I for one can recommend your CD's. They have helped me along my journey from being constantly in the head space (and that can take you into and emotional low, the soul is calling to connect) CD1 to CD2 when I reached for it and heard it, there was an immediate connection (for me) with the soul, it resonated like a sigh and as for CD3 it's just there waiting for a connection when spirit calls me in.
Anna Maria - Helensvale, G C, Aust.

I love your cd's with your words and guided meditations, which take us to a peaceful and balanced space. My granddaughter is working wonderfully well with your CD1 - she's calmer and more balanced since using them. Thank
Sarah - Upper Coomera, Australia

I have always loved your book and now have your CD on my iPhone yay xxx
Robyn Taylor - Ashmore, Gold Coast

Elizabeth your Meditation CD's are very different then others I've tried as I actually felt more relaxed and peaceful after listening to them. Has also helped with my sleeping. Blessings
Amanda Taylor - Chirstchurch, NZ.

Hi Elizabeth, I really enjoyed your Inspirational CD's. Your words make it easy for me to visualise and focus especially the acronyms. Thank you. Regards
Ben - Sydney Aust


Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your knowledge in your book, workshops and meditations. You inspires me. Thank you.
Doreen Harmon - New South Wales, Aust.

Just wanted to let you know how much I got out of your workshop I attended a few weeks ago. As I was new to some of the subjects the workshop was about I wasn't sure what to expect. But after that day it has opened up a whole new world to me and I thank you for that.
Tammy – Wellington, New Zealand

Elizabeth I have been on my spiritual path for some time now and have attended several workshops in the past. But have felt there was something missing. I don't think it was just one thing but after attending your workshop I now know nothing was missing. I have all the answers within me. Many thanks for helping me to come to this awareness.
Dean – Brisbane, Qld.

I have never had so much fun and leant so much at one workshop. The meditations and energy exercises were wonderful. But it was the experience of participating in the readings that was great. I never thought I would be able to do a reading for myself let alone someone else. But as you said it's all about beliefs. Thank you, Elizabeth for the fun and simplicity of your Workshop.
Bev – Miami, Cold Coast.


Gold Coast, Australia.
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