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Meditation is an exercise to help relax, calm, reenergise and harmonise the mind, body and spirit. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. There are only the way that work for you.

Some say that a blank mind void of any thought is the only way to meditate. Others believe that creative visualisation is the best way. Both of these methods have their place in helping us to go within.

If you are new to meditation, creative visualisation is a very good way to begin to take control of the mind. The main aim of meditation is to be in the present moment now, for that is your point of power.

Whether you choose silent or visualisation meditation, the main thing is to do it on a regular basis each day. The simple meditation below is a base you can build on. Practise it each day for a month and see how it benefits your whole life. What you will find is that the peace and beauty you create within is the peace and beauty you create without.



1. Find a quiet place where there are no distractions.
2. Sit up straight – Relax the body dropping the shoulders.
3. Take long deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth
4. Close the eyes and visualise a scene of peace and beauty to you.
5. It may be the ocean, trees, stars or a blade of grass. The choice is yours.
6. After visualising the scene for a while, begin to feel the peace and beauty that is there.
7. Continue your visualisation for 1 to 5 minutes at first, expanding on it later
8. When you are finished bring yourself back to the room and open your eyes.
9. Now see peace and beauty everywhere with your eyes open.



Meditation Tips
By Elizabeth Joy

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