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cd 1

New Unique Meditation CD
Meditations For Manifesting

CD $25.00
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Embrace your whole being to more Consciously, Effortlessly and Joyfully create stronger sense of self that will enhance any area of your life. These Guided Meditations are unique as they include the mind with use of acronyms making it easier to meditate.

Each Meditation takes you on a Journey … an inner Journey of Alignment, Awareness and Acceptance of your True .. Authentic Self  .. and your Full Creative Potential and Power …

The more you do each meditation the stronger your Alignment, Awareness and Acceptance of your full potential becomes. Giving you a more Empowered place to live and create from.

For those who would like to have something tangible to work with in conjunction with these Meditations click on the Download link above to access your FREE Manifesting Cheque ..

You can also download the Meditation Acronyms if you would like to familiarise yourself with them before beginning the meditations.

Words have the power to Help and to Heal to Empower and to bring Peace. This is my intention with my book and CD's. EJ

cd 1

The 2CD audio set of Elizabeth's Book


2 CD Set - Price $35.00
Free P+H (within Australia)


Covering subjects such as Angels, Birth, Death, Faith and Spirit.
Expand Your Consciousness * Develop your Intuition * Embrace your Spirituality.

Now through the transformational power of the spoken word Elizabeth continues to guide and inspire you deeper into a Mind Expanding, Heart Opening, Soul Embracing Journey

With 33Unique Acronyms, 33 Inspirational Poems and 66 Empowering Affirmations. Just listening to these words can be used for Inspiration or Mini Meditations. You can repeat a track or listen to several for a (deeper) more in-depth experience.

On the second CD, there are also 3 full Guided Meditation exercises. The third exercise is a unique Meditation Template for you to create with, and can be used in conjunction with both CD's. All tracks accompanied by relaxing music to enhance your experience. By visualising or imagining words you will be able to practise these simple yet empowering meditations.

CD1 Subjects …
Angel, Birth, Death, Destiny, Doubt, Dream, Ego, Faith, Fear, Forgive, Give, God, Greed, Hate, Heart, Help, Hope, Karma, Life, Light, Love, Pain, Peace & Power.

CD2 Subjects …
Prayer, Smile, Soul, Spirit, Success, Time, Trust, Truth, Words.
Heart Guided Meditation, Soul Guided Meditation plus Meditation Template.



CD Testimonials

I have experienced and enjoyed meditations with Elizabeth and she is awesome at taking us into a beautiful state of meditation. God Bless you for the work you do, you help so many. Much love to you. xxx

Karen Young - Burleigh, Queensland.

Hi Elizabeth, I tried your meditation CD 2 and I was really surprised by the meditation and how easy it was for me to just sit and relax and focus on the cd for the time I did. More often than not it's hard to get me to sit still with stuff like that. I believe I sat still for over a half an hour just repeating the affirmations and breathing deeply and the next day I woke and felt just happy and joyful. More than that I felt calm so again, thank you. I really enjoyedI really it.

Kerri - Southport, Gold Coast

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Gold Coast, Australia.
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